YCDI Education

History & Research

Over the past 20 years, You Can Do It! Education has provided schools and homes with resources, professional training and parent education that has provided countless teachers and parents with ways to develop young people’s positive attitudes and social-emotional skills.

Worldwide over 1,000,000 young people have participated in the You Can Do It! Education program with thousands of primary and secondary schools in Australia offering the program to students in kindergarten/ preparatory, Years 1-12.  Today thousands of students are learning about resilience, confidence, persistence, organisation and how to get along.  Children as young as 4 are being introduced by their teachers to the puppets, songs, posters and activities from The You Can Do It! Early Childhood Education Program: Developing Social-Emotional Competence.

You Can Do It! Education (YCDI) is an approach to raising children that focuses on ways in which homes and schools can develop the attitudes and social-emotional skills children need to be achieving to the best of their ability and to experience high levels of happiness and well-being.

In 1987, the founder of You Can Do It! Education, Michael Bernard, wrote a best-selling book: You Can Do It! What Every Student (and Parent) Should Know About Success in School and Life. In this book, he described the social and emotional skills and positive attitudes young people needed to have to be successful and happy including the importance of setting goals, managing time, having positive attitudes, being self-confident and self-accepting, being self-motivated, managing stress and exam anxiety and ways to develop positive relationships.

Michael Bernard proposed that schools should not only teach the academic curriculum but also assume responsibility for providing young people of all ages a social and emotional education that he said was the foundation for learning and wellbeing. Encouraged by teachers and parents, he wrote a 1,200 page curriculum for teachers to present to in class covering all years of schooling, Program Achieve. A Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum, that taught positive attitudes and social-emotional skills.


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