"Parents and educators are today focusing on the necessity of a value-based education .... This program is an excellent vehicle particularly for achieving such positive outcomes for students.”
Patrick Lynch, CEO, New Zealand Catholic Education
"Dr. Michael Bernard's thinking and his program are eminently sensible and based on sound principles of child development and psychology.”
The London Times
"Useful .... An extremely valuable resource for parents. The content is clearly communicated, and the information will help parents."
Ann Vernon, Ph.D., former professor and coordinator of counseling, University of Northern Iowa
"Goes straight to the heart of parents' concerns .... Empowering and very heartening at a time when so many of them feel overwhelmed.”
Marie R. Joyce, Ph.D., former associate professor, Department of Psychology, Australia Catholic University
"Michael Bernard has developed an effective program for young people who want to do well in school, in their social relations, and in other important aspects of their life ... .I highly recommend it!”
Albert Ellis, Ph.D., internationally acclaimed psychologist, founder, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy
"YOU CAN DO IT! presents an alternative to parents yelling at their children and counselors reviewing failure warnings .... Dr. Bernard's creative approach is an essential purchase.”
Stephen G. Weinrach, Ph.D., professor of counseling and human relations, Villanova University