YCDI Parents

School Membership

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Based on the latest international research on parent effectiveness and the field of positive psychology, a new online, E-learning parent education program has just been launched.

School-home benefits

• Strong connections between your school and your parent community
• Opportunities to bring parents and staff together in a positive dialogue
• Valuable social and emotional learning at home
• Practical tools to help parents manage the stress of modern parenting

Positive education for parents

As a school leader, you have watched the rise of ‘challenges’ in today’s generation of students. You have seen high levels of anxiety, low levels of resilience, less independence in learning and greater reliance on
adults to solve problems.

Research shows parent anxiety is at an all-time high. Parents are assuming greater responsibility for protecting their children and solving their problems.

What can your school do to engage and help support your parents? What can be done to help parents to be calmer and more knowledgeable about how to raise their children to be confident, resilient and more independent?

A new online parent education program You Can Do It Parents is a partner program to the highly successful You Can Do It (YCDI) Education program, used in thousands of Australian and over- seas schools. More than one million students have benefited from YCDI Education, and now it’s their parents’ turn.

YCDI Parents uses evidence-based, international research from the fields of positive psychology and parenting to show parents how they can maximise their children’s success and wellbeing.

Equipped with this knowledge and skills, your parents can contribute even more to helping their children achieve to the best of their ability and to experience high levels of wellbeing.
Modular and mobile-friendly, YCDI Parents makes it easy for busy parents to learn at their own pace.

Developed by Professor Michael E. Bernard, international authority on parenting, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne, Founder of You Can Do It! Education and Patricia Bernard, author and expert on parenting.

When your school signs up for an Annual School Membership, all families and each staff member will receive a username and password that will enable them login access to all of the programs listed below.
During the year, additional programs will be added. Parents also receive regular, evidence based research updates on child development and best practices of parenting via blogs and the E-mail newsletter, ParentingWorks.

Annual school membership

• Cost to school is $6/family multiplied by the total number of your families
• Schools can incorporate cost in annual school fees or from school budget

• Membership may be funded by P&F, P&C or School Council