Benefits of YCDI Parents

For Schools

School Memberships helps your school:

  1. Build strong relationships with families
  2. Further develop school-home links
  3. Provide your families with parent education programs
  4. Promote social and emotional learning at home

You Can Do It! Positive Parents Program

School Membership

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Hear what parents have to say about the positive ways in which YCDI Parents has increased their effectiveness and benefitted their children and young people.

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The YCDI Positive Parents Program consists of three parts:



Short, informative programs on positive and effective parenting.

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Insight Articles

Articles that present information on important parenting topics.

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Child and Adolescent


Motivational, confidence and resilience building programs.

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Professional Testimonials

"Parents and educators are today focusing on the necessity of a value-based education…… This program is an excellent vehicle particularly for achieving such positive outcomes for students."

Patrick Lynch, CEO, New Zealand Catholic Education

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Free Downloadable Resource for Your Parents

Effective Parenting in the Digital World of Children
This guide discusses how digital parenting can become a part of everyday parenting. It offers the latest information on how parents can manage their children’s access and use of the online space. This guide can be distributed to your parents.

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