"By changing my tone of voice, I’ve seen a big difference in the way my son talks to me. YCDI Parents has given me the tools to manage myself- and I am also applying these back at work."
Cheung (father of 14 year old son)
"It’s tough being a parent and any well researched information I can get to help me get on with parenting positively is much appreciated – Thank you Professor Bernard."
Hilary (mother of teenage twin boys and 3 year old girl)
“The Compass Program has shown me how to help my son who is struggling with reading. It is no longer so much a chore to sit down together and have him read to me. I have learned how to respond to his mistakes positively.”
Yasmina (mother of 9 year old son)
"Being a single parent I often rely on the YCDI parent website to give me a deeper perspective of raising kids. Often I find that my inadequacies as a parent are reassuringly normal and that there is something I can do to fix the problem."
Con (father of 7 year old son)
"I’m a worry wart by nature – and I worry constantly about my two children when they are at school. I used to go to school whenever I heard about a problem they were having. I’ve learned from YCDIParents that it is better to trust that my children will be able to solve their issues – and that by not jumping in too quickly, they seem to be more resilient and confident.”
Deborah (mother of 12 year old girl and 9 year old boy)
"My husband and I have always worried about the time when Sara became an adolescent – we are coping pretty well with her growing up. We have learned that while we need to loosen the grip, we still need to have our hands on the reigns – so we spend time talking about our expectations about ways to use the internet and who she hangs out with. YCDIParents has been a rich source of advice – so much practical, common sense.”
Miriam (mother of 16 year old daughter)
"YCDI has helped me change small things with my parenting that has actually maximized my effectiveness as a parent – such as remaining calm when my kids have a meltdown."
Jasana (mother of two adolescents)