Benefits of the YCDI
Positive Parents


  1. Parent calmness and feeling in control in stressful situations
  2. Ways for parents to connect, communicate, motivate and manage
  3. Raising children with positive attitudes and high levels of resilience, confidence, persistence, organisation and ability to get along
  4. Top achieving children with highest levels of well-being

You Can Do It!

Positive Parents Program

Hear what parents have to say about the positive ways in which YCDI Parents has increased their effectiveness and benefitted their children and young people.

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The YCDI Positive Parents Program consists of three parts:



Short, informative programs on positive and effective parenting.

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Insight Articles

Articles that present information on important parenting topics.

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Child and Adolescent


Motivational, confidence and resilience building programs.

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“I have just found some time to log into the YCDI Parent Website and WOW! It is such a clear, well set out and engaging website. This is such a fantastic tool and I hope parents at our school really give this tool a go...”

Gemma Phillips

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